September 22, 2008:
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Contact: Jeff Plummer
Publicity Director

Guest Speakers talk about Delaware Confederates & Jewish Confederate Soldiers

The “Delaware Grays”, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 2068 invites the public to attend their next monthly meeting featuring two special guest speakers on Monday, December 1st at 7pm in the Seaford Library Conference room.   Anne Happholdt of Dover, a skilled local researcher and genealogist, will discuss how she uncovered dozens of previously unknown Delaware Confederate soldiers  and Military Historian Mike Werner of Yardley, Pennsylvania will give a presentation about Jewish Confederates and Black Confederates during the ‘War between the States’ 1861 to 1865.

Ms. Happholdt started in the field of genealogical research 10 years ago to find out if her family came over to the new world on the Mayflower.  They did.  She also discovered ancestors at Jamestown, Virginia, including an indentured servant who was given to the Powhatan Indians as part of a prisoner exchange.   Ms. Happholdt recently assisted the “Delaware Grays” in finding nearly 50 previously undiscovered Confederate soldiers from the First State who will be honored on the “Delaware Confederate Soldiers Monument” located on the grounds of the Marvel Museum in Georgetown.  She will discuss the process by which she uncovered information about these men and why it took nearly 150 years for their stories to be revealed.

Mr. Werner has three master degrees, including two in military history and has spoken at 45 different Civil War Roundtables.  His area of interest is the Jewish Contribution to the Civil War, including Jewish Confederates.  He will also discuss the role of Black Confederate soldiers.  He is recently retired from the United States Postal Service and holds the military rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3, 157th Combat Service Support Brigade.

There is no fee to attend and the public is encouraged to attend.  Each presentation will last about half an hour.  The Seaford Library is located on 407 Porter Street, just off Stein Highway.

The “Delaware Grays”, SCV Camp #2068, based in Seaford, Delaware, is a non-profit, non-political, non-racial, patriotic community organization whose members are descendents of Confederate veterans who served honorably during the “War Between the States”.