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The following letter is from Lt. Colonel and Inspector General Wm. J.H. Baylor of the Valley District, Stonewall Brigade, requesting a captain's commission for James Dale from the Confederate Secretary of War.

The following is the typed, translated text from the letter that follows:

                                                                    Head Quarters Valley District

                                                                                          March 18th, 1862

Honorable J. P. Benjamin

             Secretary of War


                                            Lt. James W. Dale of Company ‘C’ 5th Reg’t. Virginia Volunteers, a native of Delaware, is deservious of obtaining a conformation of 2nd Lieutenant of Infantry in the C.S.A.  At the commencement of the present war, he was a cadet at West Point of eleven months standing, and was discharged from that institution because he refused to take the oath of allegiance to the U. States. I am reliably informed that a wealthy Uncle of Philadelphia, offered to secure him a Captaincy of a company and give him $20,000. dollars if he would join the enemies of our country. Since the 18th of May I have observed him at the battles of Falling Water and Manassas, and I can safely say that there is no better young man in the “ Stonewall Brigade” a better and braver officer. Separate from friends, and desirous of making arms his profession, he appeals to the land of his adoption for a position, which his devotion to our ‘Cause’ made him forget. If it is your pleasure to commission him, he will give you no trouble during the war, as he will be a Captain of a Volunteer company for that period.


                                             I am Respectively

                                             Your Obedient Servant

                                             Wm. J. H. Baylor

                                              Lt. Colonel and Inspector General

                                              Valley District