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The following letter, part of James Dale's muster roll, is addressed to Confederate President Jefferson Davis from the 37 officers and staff of the Stonewall Brigade, along with General Jackson himself, asking for a commission for James Dale into the regular Confederate army.

The following is the typed, translated text from the letter that follows:
                                                            Head Quarters 5th Virginia Infantry

                                                       Near Martinsburg, June 22nd, 1861


     His Excellency

                             Jefferson Davis, esq.

                                    President Confederate States of America.


                                              The undersigned Field, Staff, and company Officers of the 5th Virginia Volunteers respectively call your attention to Mr. James W. Dale and solicit that you confer upon him such commission as you may seem to you proper, under the circumstances.

        Mr. Dale is a native of Delaware, and at the time of the commencement of our difficulties, was a cadet at West Point. He refused to take the oath of allegiance to the United States, which was administered to the cadets of his class, and tendered his resignation, which was refused, and he was stricken from the rolls.

        He immediately, with considerable difficulty, made his way to our regiment, then stationed at Harpers Ferry, and since the 20th of May last, has been acting as Drill-Master of one of the companies and has contributed much to its proficiency. We cannot speak enough highly of the character and bravery of Mr. Dale. He has been with us in two battles, controlling in one of them, a company, and we all concur in giving him the highest praise for his gallantry and coolness. All this has been done without any pay whatever, and we have reason to believe that he would have received a commission in the army of our foes had he reassigned with them.

        He has deprived himself of home, friends, and everything through devotion to our ‘Cause’ – and we trust that it may please your Excellency to give him such reward as his mentioned conduct, in your opinion, may deserve.

(note: signed by 33 Officers of the Stonewall Brigade):

Very Respectively,

Kenton Harper, Colonel, 5th Infantry

W. H. Harman – Lt. Colonel, 5th Virginia Infantry

Wm. H. Baylor – Major

J. H. S. Funch, Company “A”

H. G. Danison – Surgeon

T. A. Burkley – Assistant Surgeon

J. Benny Ardavor (sic) Jr. – Adjutant

Geo. T. Antosim (sic) – Captain Company “H”

F. H. Waters – Captain W. T. Guards

H. France O’Roberts – Captain Company “ F”

James W. Newton – Captain Company “ E”

John Davis – Captain Company “K”

A. W. Harrison – Captain Company “K”

H. S. or H. J. Williams – Captain Company “ D”

J. C. Marquis - ______ W. A. Guards

Thos. Burke – Lieutenant Company “G”, W. A. Guards

Wm. Blackburn – Lieutenant Company “E” – Augusta Grays

John W. Willson – Lieutenant Company “E”, Augusta Grays

W. G. Gilkerson – Lieutenant Company “ F”, Augusta Grays

A. V. Tare – Lieutenant Company “C”

M. A. McComb – Lieutenant

Jas Wilson (sic) – Lieutenant

J. H. Keiser – Lieutenant

E. L. Curtis – 1st Lieutenant, Commanding Company “H”

Chas H. Bush – Lieutenant Company “ K”

P. M. Byers – Lieutenant Company “G”

R. D. Simms – Lieutenant Company “G”

Jas W. Jones – Lieutenant Company “A”

J. M. Avery (sic) – 2nd Lieutenant Company “C”

Wm. C. McKim (sic) – 1st Lieutenant Company “D”

A. S. Marshall – Lieutenant Company “A”

L. J. Fletcher – Lieutenant Company ‘A”

----------------------------End of list-------------------------

 Whilst I was in command at Harpers Ferry, Mr. Dale volunteered his services as Drill Master, I was pleased with him all the time and accepted his services. The favorable impression made then has increased with the opportunities of proving his worth. He possesses in a high degree, those elements which make a good Officer.

                                                           T. J. Jackson

                                                            Brigadier General, P.A.C.S.


 We served for some time in the 5th Regiment with Mr. D. and concur in the above statement.

Jas. K. Edmondson – Lieutenant, 4th Regiment

Wm. M. Lewis – Lieutenant, 4th Regiment

S. H. Letcher – Captain, Company “K”, 4th Regiment

E. F. Patton – Lieutenant Company “K”, 4th Regiment