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The following is content from a letter written by Delaware Confederate James Wilkerson Dale to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The following is the typed, translated text from the letter that follows:

Camp __Clark?__ Berkley County, June 12th 1861

His Excellency Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States of America

        I am a Delawarean and a true Southern man. Hon Wm. G. Whiteley? honored me with the Cadet appointment from my State last June. I entered a class of eighty and when I left was? Fifteenth in English and first in mathematics. My name was dropped from the roll early in April because I refused to take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States Government. I found it was impossible for my little State to secede and I came to Virginia. I had to leave secretly in order to save my fathers life. I reported for duty to Col. Jackson at Harpers Ferry and was assigned by him as a drill master to the 5th Reg’t. Virginia Volunteers.
        I have no Political influence here and as I had to come through the Federal lines in Maryland, could bring no letters. Any officer in the regiment will testify that I have conducted myself as a man since I have been with them.
        If you consider me qualified for the position, I would very thankful for as 2nd Lieutenancy in the Confederate Army.

Yours Respectfully,
James W. Dale