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This drawing, by Mrs. Leaper M. Robinson, was submitted to the "Delaware Grays" by James Batson Hearn, descendant of Confederate soldier, Samuel Batson Hearn.
Quote from Mr. James Batson:
"My son furnished the picture and other information to Bill Bruce, concerning Samuel Batson Hearn and you have presented it nicely on your site. I recently came in possession of a picture, which was hand drawn back in 1911, showing the three Confederate flags which were used by the Confederates durning the civil war. I thought your members might like to have a copy to use on your site or else where. They were hand drawn by a Mrs Leaper M. Robinson of Bowling Green, Va. back in Jan. of 1911 and given to a Mr Billy Garrett, treasurer of that town. Mr Billy Garrett was a cousin of my wife, and the picture eventually came into my posession. James Batson Hearn Sr."

Confederate Flags drawn by Mrs. Leaper M. Robinson on Jan. 28, 1911
Reads as follows: 
'For Mr. Billy Garrett
from his friend
Mrs Leaper M. Robinson

Bowling Green, Va
Jan. 28, 1911'

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