Hurrah! The Delaware Confederate Monument
Has a Home at Last!

Rough draft of the Delaware Confederate Monument

We are pleased to announce that the "Delaware Grays" Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Georgetown Historical Society entered into an agreement to install our state's first and only Delaware Confederate monument at the Marvel Museum site in Georgetown, Delaware. The unveiling of the monument was held May 12th, 2007 at that site (see further detailed reference below).

The monument includes any Delaware statesmen who resided in Delaware prior to the War between the States or those that fought or gave aid to the Confederate States of America. Included on this monument are the soldiers' names, rank, unit, and original place of residence within Delaware (if known). The monument stands approximately 12 feet tall with a 16 foot wide base upon which three stones can be placed, and includes all Delaware citizen soldiers' names. There are two flag poles which will flank each side of the monument, one flying the Delaware state flag and the other flying one of our many Southern flags that our men fought under.

We would like to thank all those who have graciously contributed to the revitalized history that this monument has and will continue to give our state and the memory it will keep for our American soldiers.

Georgetown Historical Society President, Wes Jones, with Delaware Grays Camp Commander, John Zoch, displaying the recently signed agreement between the two organizations for the installation of the first ever Delaware Confederate monument.
Georgetown Historical Society members and Delaware Gray Camp members celebrate the signing of an agreement to install the first ever Delaware Confederate monument.

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    Monument Unveiling Official Announcement (For Immediate Release)

    The “Delaware Grays” SCV Camp #2068 will be unveiling the state’s first-ever historical monument honoring Delaware’s citizens and soldiers who enlisted in and supported our Southern armies during the “War Between the States” period of 1861 to 1865. This 1st ever Delaware Confederate Monument is to be unveiled on the grounds of the Nutter B. Marvel Museum, South Bedford Street, Georgetown, Delaware.

    The unveiling is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, 2007, (rain date is May 13th), with the grounds opening at 12 noon and ceremonies taking place at the monument at 1 PM. Admission is free to the general public. There will be speeches commemorating the event, a 21 gun salute, cannon salutes, a wreath laying ceremony, and descendants of several of the soldiers on hand to witness this event. If you or your group are interested in presenting a wreath during this event contact the Monument Committee at with your name for the schedule. Following the event there will be a social with food and refreshments.

    Delaware, a border state during the war, never left the Union, but it is estimated that up to as many as 2,000 of her native sons joined up in our Southern armies. This in itself goes against the many historians' teachings which mention that where you resided determined what army you enlisted in and fought for. Therefore it is possible that many believed the South was right for Secession. Today there are monuments honoring those Delawareans who joined the Federal armies at Gettysburg and Antietam Battlefields, as well as other places, but none – until now – recognizing the sacrifices of Delawareans who supported the Cause of independence and the efforts of the Confederate States of America.

    Several known and researched Delaware Confederate soldiers will be included upon this monument and more are to be added as on-going scholarship reveals more of their identities. Anyone with names of possible Delaware Confederate soldiers are asked to contact the Monument Committee through the “Delaware Grays” website at

    The “Delaware Grays”, SCV Camp #2068, based in Seaford, Delaware, is a non-profit, non-political, non-racial, patriotic community organization whose members are descendents of Confederate veterans who served honorably during the “War Between the States”. Interested persons can find out more by visiting The non-profit Nutter B. Marvel Museum is located at 510 South Bedford Street, off Rt. 113 and just down from the inspection lane in Georgetown, Delaware. The museum includes a collection of historic buildings and horse drawn carriages as well as thousands of historical photographs, newspaper clippings, books and other memorabilia about Georgetown, Sussex County, and Delaware.

  • Description of the Delaware Confederate Monument

    The soldiers and citizens of the state of Delaware fought for both sides during the War between the States period (1861-1865). Delawareans constructed and installed monuments for Delaware's federal soldiers; even just recently at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, but there has never been a monument dedicated to the citizens of Delaware that served the Confederacy and there are no known monuments recognizing these citizen soldiers of our state.

    It is the desire of the Delaware Grays Camp, (Sons of Confederate Veterans), to recognize the valor and sacrifices of Delaware's citizens and soldiers who fought for the Confederacy by installing this monument within our state, inscribed with the known names of Delaware's Southern soldiers and their regiments, dedicated to those citizen/soldiers that are known. We do this so history may honor all of our statesmen that fought and served during the War between the States period.


    Questions or comments may be directed to any of
    the following Monument Committee members:

    Jeffrey Mark Plummer
    #1 Fox Creek Drive
    Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971-9612

    John J. Zoch, Sr.
    9455 Airport Rd
    Seaford, DE 19973